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Here you will find information about our Idaho Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear hunts. We will also blog about our area, as special offers, issues that affect us or are important to us.

Phase 2 in Planning Your 2020 Hunts

An Idaho hunter doing some spotting Dates to keep in mind this month while planning your 2020 hunts are March 5th, the controlled-hunt application deadline for all species in Utah; and April 1st, the controlled-hunt application deadline for elk and deer tags in Montana. Utah offers some outstanding tags as far as trophy and overall quality are concerned. Though all I can say is, if you want to experience Utah’s high-quality hunts you better start applying for bonus/preference points while you’re still young, because it’s going to take a generation or more to accumulate enough points to draw one. I, for one, consider myself too old to start applying for points in Utah for the first time (I’ll never live long enough to draw one.) Nonresidents have a much better chance of drawing elk and deer tags in Montana, though the overall quality of the hunts are nowhere near that of Utah. Of course, there will always be exceptions. Both states have rather detailed tag-allotment systems that demand hours of study.

A nice option to Utah’s rare, high-quality tags and Montana’s opportunity-based tags are simple-to-obtain, Idaho OTC elk and deer tags. If you’re willing to put in the effort to get off the beaten path you really can have a quality, wilderness hunt in Idaho, with realistic expectations of bagging a trophy-class animal, with nothing more than a OTC tag. Outfitters also have guaranteed elk tags and set-aside OTC deer tags. All of these tags offer the opportunity for a great hunt, without having to wait years to draw a tag. OTC tags also offer the opportunity of hunting the same area year after year in Idaho, all the while increasing your familiarity with game movements, and hopefully increasing your success as the years go by.

Note on spring bear hunts:

Slots for Spring 2020 bear season are almost filled. As of today there are only 3 hunts left with availability: May 17 – May 22 for 2 hunter, May 31 – June 5 for 2 hunters and June 7 – June 12 for 1 hunters.

Good hunting,

Joe Cavanaugh

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