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2020 Salmon B Elk Tag

2020 Salmon B Tags already sold out

Idaho nonresident hunting tags went on sale December 1, 2019 and in only 9 short days the Salmon B Elk Tags were sold out. Wow!

Seems that Idaho is being rediscovered as a place to hunt. I have often said that Idaho is the best kept secret in the hunting world, and it appears the secret is getting out. With OTC tags and good game populations, it is no wonder.

If you had your sights set on hunting the Salmon B region this year (B tag is rifle tag), you still have the option to book with an outfitter. In Idaho, thankfully and gratefully, outfitters are guaranteed elk tags and have a certain amount of set aside deer tags for the hunting public that want to use the services of an outfitter.

So, if you want to hunt Idaho next fall, whether you choose Castle Creek Outfitters or another outfitter in this state, it may behoove you to decide sooner than later as nonresident tags have sold out earlier and earlier each year, and with this booming economy and possibilities of no one ever hunting again after November, now may be the time to consider hunting in Idaho.

Obviously, we hope you choose to hunt with us, but if not and you would like to research the rest of the outfitters in Idaho, check out this link IOGLB Outfitter Search for a full list of outfitters in our state.

Good luck wherever you hunt this year and remember to vote on November 3, 2020! Our future of hunting in this wonderful country may very well depend on the outcome!

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