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Got Tags?

It seems these days that the first, and often times largest, obstacle to hunting elk out west is first getting a tag. Well, thanks to bad planning on our part, we find ourselves with 4 extra tags to hunt in a unit that sold out in only 3 days for residents and months ago for nonresidents.

We know all the results of the draws are out for the west and finding someone with actual tags and openings to be able to hunt, and at a discounted rate, is nearly impossible so we believe these will go fast: we have exactly 4 tags left for elk in area 28 in central Idaho and we are even discounting this hunt opportunity.

Our regular price on drop camps is $2250, but if you can act now and I do mean NOW as this offer ends July 29, 2019, we will offer drop camp hunts for only $1495 per person. Obviously tax, license and tags are not included at that price.

Drop camp hunts are the ideal way to hunt elk out west for the experienced DIY hunter who simply needs A) tags, B) an amazing piece of real estate to hunt and C) a nice horseback ride to said location!

If you like the idea of getting out this fall and actually being able to hunt verses sofa surfing waiting for another year of trying to draw a hunt, but a DIY hunt is not exactly your cup of tea, contact us about a guided hunt. We do have room for either a guided or drop camp hunt, but regardless of type of hunt, remember there are only 4 tags available, so act fast!

To be clear we don’t/CAN'T mark up the tags, so the tag price is simply what you would pay IDFG if you were purchasing them yourselves. We simply need to use our allocated tags to preserve them for future use. These tags go into the general pool on July 31 and there is probably already a waiting list as long as your arm to obtain any leftovers.

So, if you haven’t made concrete hunting plans for this fall and can find 3 of your closest friends who can actually make a decision before this coming weekend, contact us about saving you a spot to hunt elk in Idaho’s famous Salmon River Mountains. Remember, if you can’t think of 3 friends right away, you might try Facebook as you know that your FB friends are your real friends! smiley LOL

Best of luck in the woods this year!

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