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The End of Winter and the beginning of Spring Bear Hunts

Anybody else getting antsy yet? I sure as hell am. Stuck working in the cold and watching the weather roll in everyday, just daydreaming of spring.

Down here in Texas we don't get “spring fever” the same as our friends up north. The grass has been green mostly all year, and we have only had a few days that dropped below 30. But I still get worked up being stuck down here in the mud. I want to be in the mountains.

I spend my days dreaming of riding a horse down the ridge lines and across the creek bottoms. That sweet smell of the pines in the early mountain morning, and the daily rain storms that spit on you for just long enough to make you put a raincoat on, but not enough to really need one. I think of the long horseback ride back to camp in the middle of the night, when the only way to know that you're almost home is the smell of the campfire burning somewhere in the dark ahead of you.

But most of all I miss that moment when a bear creeps out in front of the bait, impossibly silent for a predator of that size. When you somehow forget how breathing works, and you have to stop from shaking. It's buck fever, but with touch of spice. Fear. That's what that pit in your stomach is. Because you’re still hunting, but you’re suddenly aware that you might not be as far above the food chain as you thought.

That's what I'm pining for: Spring Bear Hunts.

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