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Heath's Triple Crown 2022

Working for Idaho Wildlife

Heath’s Triple Crown

What we hoped to accomplish in 1 week took almost 13 months and 3 trips to Idaho, but it finally happened. Heath F. is an avid hunter and wanted to pursue predators and wanted to get what we would deem the “Triple Crown” of lower 48 predators in the form of a wolf, black bear, and mountain lion.

He sought us out and in early January 2021 he came out on a predator hunt for all three and we were successful in getting him a wolf. Fast forward to August 2021. He calls up and says he has some vacation to burn, and do we have room for a bear hunter in fall bear camp? Well, of course we did, and he wanted to take advantage of the fact that he already had his hunting license from earlier in the year and this time he was successful on a respectable color phase black bear.

After the bear, we knew we had to have him back to try for the third leg of the “Triple Crown” and after a few scheduling challenges, we finally connected in late January 2022, and he scored on a nice specimen of a Mountain Lion completing his goal.

In Idaho, central Idaho specifically, where the landscape lends itself very well to wildlife and predation is a true threat to healthy ungulate populations, hunting these predators is a true benefit and much needed management tool to grow healthy populations of elk, deer, mountain goats, and sheep in our little slice of heaven!

Heath did his part to help with the population and we thank him and congratulate him on 3 very well-placed shots and some very serious effort!

Maybe it’s time for you to get out and enjoy your public lands and do a little predator hunting while you are there?

Happy hunting!

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