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Trophy Species Application Season Opens Up Today April 1st

April 1st is one of my favorite times of year because it signifies the “official” opener of Idaho’s spring bear season. It is one our favorite seasons as we are forced to “get off the couch” and into the saddle of some very fine Darling Creek Livestock.

We are incredibly proud of the horses and mules we use and raise. We really look forward to getting out and using them and baiting for spring bears is a very good excuse to do that as well as a way to start our young stock by packing.

Although April 1 is the official opener, it is still a bit early in our country as the creeks are just now beginning to open up to be able to cross them and there is still quite a bit of snow in the backcountry at the 5600-6000 foot range which is where we hunt.

April 1st also is also the official opener of one of my least favorite seasons, hunt application season. Now, I am the first to recognize that some species NEED to be a draw hunt and trophy species like moose, sheep and mountain goats are indeed in limited enough supply that draws are a necessary evil.

So, if you have any desire to hunting a trophy species in our great state of Idaho, be sure to get your application in during the month of April. Click here to be to begin your application for an Idaho moose, goat or sheep hunt chance.

Best of luck in the draws and most importantly, in the woods this year!

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