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Controlled Hunt Results Got You Down?

The results for controlled hunts are out for most western states now, or they will be shortly. Hunters are either jumping up and down in exultation that they drew their coveted tag, or they’re staring out the window with a long face because they ended up with a chunk of coal in their stocking. There’s still time to apply for great hunts however, in the 2 states that hold out the longest with their application deadline—Wyoming and Idaho; Wyoming’s deadline being June 1st, for deer and pronghorn, and Idaho’s deadline being June 5th, for elk, deer, and pronghorn.

Castle Creek Outfitters operates in Unit 28, where there is an excellent, late-season, controlled-hunt for mule deer, which runs all the way through the rut in November (Hunt 1018). There are only 5 tags available however, and competition is fierce. There are no controlled-hunt, elk tags for Unit 28 (Salmon B), as they are sold over the counter; however, nonresident elk tags for Salmon B sold out this year in just 3 days (Dec. 1–3, 2019), and resident tags sold out within a week of that. Castle Creek Outfitters still has some “outfitter allocated” elk tags left for Salmon B, which are obtainable directly from the outfitter. These tags offer the opportunity for a great hunt, without having to roll the dice for a tag.

Good hunting,

Joe Cavanaugh

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