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Castle Creek Horses in the Snow

Ultimate Hunt Combo Possibilities

This year, for the first time ever, we are offering what I would consider an ultimate hunting combo.

In our Castle Creek Outfitters area, we have a very unique opportunity to hunt more species at one time than I am aware of anywhere, especially considering most hunts are closed by this time and most people are relegated to sofa surfing, watching hunting channels and patiently waiting for next season.

December, in area 28 of central Idaho only, one can hunt (provided they have the proper tags) elk AND deer with archery equipment. This time frame allows for harvest of either sex of both species, increasing your odds of success with a bow.

Big deal you say? We can already do that in September in most states. Stay with me. This is where it gets good. By December, the snow has begun to fly making tracking of mountain lions possible, add to that some wolf and coyote hunting opportunity and if late enough in December (after December 15th), you can even add bobcat to your wish list making this an amazing combo (in my opinion of course).

All over the counter elk and deer tags sold out within hours this year, but due to special outfitter set aside we are in possession of exactly 2 elk and 2 deer tags, and we want to share them with someone willing to “play in the snow” and chase as many animals at one time as possible.

We would intend to conduct this hunt (obviously) in December, and have you hunt deer and elk on your own during the day while your guide takes off before daylight to seek out fresh lion tracks that he can turn the dogs loose on and get after. When he finds a set to turn the dogs loose on, he would come find you and get after a cat. This would alleviate a lot of the boring down time usually associated with predator hunts and add to the affordability factor we are aiming for with this hunt.

Elk and deer would need to be harvested with archery equipment, but any predator hunting could be done with a firearm allowing better opportunity at wolves and coyotes.

This is our idea, and we are certainly open to others, but keep in mind that there are only 2 elk and 2 deer tags available.

Contact us today for more info and pricing.

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