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General Sherman’s Birthday

General William Tecumseh Sherman was born on this date, February 8th, in 1820. You might be wondering why I’m reminding you of Sherman’s birthday. The answer is simple—because if I don’t, no one else will. I know this because in the 1980s, after I had been schooled in the US, I met several Guatemalan Army officers who knew more about our civil war than I did, and were using Sherman’s “total war” tactics to defeat their enemy. The flanking and turning maneuvers Sherman employed from Chattanooga to Atlanta against the Confederate Army and his subsequent march to the sea are epic in military history, and studied in military academies all over the world to this day.

Sherman is relevant to a hunting blog for his extraordinary fortitude. Though Sherman experienced set-back after set-back in his early years, he kept pressing on like the tank that bears his name to become a Major General by the end of the war, and one of the most celebrated personalities in his time.

All hunters can improve from a study of Sherman’s fortitude. Though we don’t normally encounter obstacles of the magnitude that Sherman did, we do nonetheless encounter obstacles frequently, such as inclement weather, steep slopes, or just plain bad luck. I am disappointed, however, at the number of hunters who quit before the end of a 5-day hunt when things don’t go well for them, even after months of preparation and anticipation. Fortitude is as crucial to a successful hunt as proper equipment or the ability to use our weapons proficiently—if not more so. Stick with it, stay pumped, and don’t give up.

God bless America.

Joe Cavanaugh

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