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Aaaand They’re Gone!

As has been the case for many a year, Idaho put their nonresident big game hunting licenses and tags up for sale on December 1, 2020 at 10 am.

It didn’t take long for those who logged on to the fish and game website to buy them that day to realize that it was going to take a little effort and a great measure of patience as there were literally thousands upon thousands of would-be nonresident Idaho hunters with great hopes and anticipation of getting an early Christmas present in the form of an elk and/or deer tag of their choosing.

Sadly, for many, their dreams of hunting this great state of Idaho were dashed at checkout when the tags were sold out more rapidly than one could enter their credit card number in the checkout cart.

Again, sadly, Idaho resident hunters were successful in reducing the number of nonresident tags so dramatically this year that many of the units’ tags sold out in literally hours verses weeks and months as in the past.

All hope is not lost however, as Idaho hunting outfitters will all have an allocation of tags this year available for nonresident hunters who choose to book with an outfitter for their 2021 and beyond Idaho hunting adventures.

So, if you still have an inclination to hunt Idaho, contact us or another Idaho outfitter and get “on the calendar” for next year and get out and enjoy YOUR public lands!

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