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Winter 23-24 Predator Hunting (Mt. Lion/Wolf/Bobcat)

It’s winter again here in Idaho and that can only mean one thing! Wyley can’t function without thinking about chasing mountain lions! I swear the boy was born for this and simply wants to do it as often as possible.

What does that mean for you? It is time to book that Idaho predator hunt you have always been talking or thinking about but haven’t pulled the trigger on. We have openings for 2 more hunters this winter (2023-2024) between now and when the snow quits flying.

Speaking of snow. Lion hunts are always a bit more successful right behind fresh snow, so this year we are offering “last minute” hunts to those who are close enough or have the freedom enough, to “jump and run” when the forecast says there will be snow. We will be conducting these hunts from late February through April.  Our pre-scheduled hunts will be in January and early February as it seems that those are the most consistent snow months here in central Idaho.

For the “last minute” hunts there is no commitment required on your part other than to put your name on a list. We will start contacting people first come first served to see who might be available when the weather seems that it wants to cooperate.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in or you already know you want to hunt an Idaho mountain lion this winter for sure, please contact us and let’s get you on the schedule or the list asap!

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