Bear Hunts

Idaho Spring and Fall Black Bear Hunts

Idaho Spring and Fall Black Bear Hunts, Idaho Black Bear Hunting and quality Black Bear Hunts.Hunters, welcome to our Castle Creek Outfitters Bear hunt page. Castle Creek Outfitters offers Spring Black Bear hunts in May and June each year. Our Spring baits are put out in April and Hunters are taken in May and June. Hunters are fed meals from our deluxe wall tent camps where we will guide you on horseback into the Salmon-Challis National Forest. During the day you will check baits with your guide. Hunting is done over the baits in the evening when the wind is right. 90% of our spring bear is taken in the afternoon.

Due to the remote area that we hunt, large boars are taken every year. Some will square 6 feet or better and some taken aged up to 15 years old. There is a possibility that some will make the record book. In our Salmon River country, 75 to 80% of the Black Bears we harvest are cinnamon color. Most hunters prefer this. This is an excellent chance to harvest a color phase bear. We limit the number of hunters we take in the spring and fall seasons. We prefer hunters with a mature size boar in mind and will do our best to succeed in harvesting one for you.

On the Fall hunts we ride and hunt the creek bottoms as berries and Chinook Salmon (spawning) are the main diet of the bears at this time. The Salmon are a great protein for the bears and give them more size than bears that don't eat salmon. Our hunt area has Salmon. Some baits will be used in the fall, but creeks are the best bet at this time of year.

We think of our bear as a Big Game Animal and manage our area for them. Our prices reflect this. Most outfitters charge 1/3 of what we do and take far too many hunters. We charge more but limit the number of bear hunters we take each year. This makes a better area for you to hunt and give's you a better chance for a mature animal. We don't write short stories about every bear we kill, we just kill bear. This is our job. If you are an avid bear hunter seeking a possible record book Black Bear, give us a call or send us an e-mail on this limited opportunity.