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Here you will find information about our Idaho Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear hunts. We will also blog about our area, as special offers, issues that affect us or are important to us.

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2020 Hunt Savings Extended

We are extending our 15% discount for 15 more days due to a computer snafu. That’s right, because of the miracle of modern technology, it turns out that if you do something wrong in your programming or settings, you may not get the output that you want.

That exact scenario happened with our Castle Creek Outfitters email program on our website. We discovered, and quite by accident, that we had not been receiving emails from many of you folks who had requested information about our hunts and so we were not able to get you on our email list related to our 15% off booking special for 2020 Idaho elk, deer or bear hunts.

Well, we have since fixed our programming problem and are receiving emails now and we want to extend to you folks only, the 15% discount on regular priced adult hunts for 2020 for another 15 days.

If you know you are going hunting in Idaho but are just waiting for the right time to book that Idaho hunt, waiting 16 days might cost you 15% more. Man, this is starting to sound like a Geico commercial. That’s not our intent, however, we do want to make this next season’s hunt as affordable as possible for you.

We sent out an email regarding our special 15% off discount because it was the 15th anniversary for our sister company, Wild Idaho Outfitters, Inc., and many of you did not receive it so, for just 15 more days, Castle Creek Outfitters will honor that discount. So, book now and save big on your 2020 Idaho hunt with Castle Creek Outfitters.

*Discount valid through January 15, 2020 for full priced adult hunts booked with Castle Creek Outfitters. See original post for further details.

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